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Essential oil and Herbal extract supplier in India

Your Partner for High Quality Herbal Extracts & Oils

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Morde Industries

Morde Industries (P) Ltd. provides a wide range of products. Our dedicated team of professionals has been working hard to provide the highest quality products and services to our customers. You can rely on us to deliver your order on time, without hassle, and at a reasonable and competitive price. Since our inception, we have successfully expanded into new product categories in order to provide the highest quality products to our customers.

Morde Industries is constantly evolving!

Picking Grapes

Fresh Produce

Aromatic Oil suppliers in India

Essential Oils

Logistics company in India


Herbal Extracts supplier in India

Herbal Extracts

Jaggery suppliers in India


Sourcing Agents in India

Sourcing Agents

Industries We Serve


Food & Beverage

Sorting Medicine


Hair and Beauty Salon

Beauty & Personal Care

Loading Semitrucks


Medicinal Herb

Nutrition & Supplements


What We Do

We deliver solutions & product satisfaction. Our large network in India gives you access to the best products in the global marketplace, and we take the time to match your requirements with our offerings. If you need assistance finding reliable suppliers of products that we do not offer, we can serve as your buying or sourcing agents in India.

We also offer Logistics Services and customs clearance of cargo for your ease and convenience.

Sourcing agent in india
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