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India has exported 25,768.07 MT of Cocoa products to the world for the worth of Rs. 1108.38 Crores/ 149.78 USD Millions during the year of 2020-21.

Cocoa is a commercial plantation crop. The seeds of cocoa fruit, yield flavored cocoa powder on fermentation. Cocoa is hardly grown as a mono crop. Its imminent capacity to share the alley spaces of tall growing Coconut and Arecanut palms and its combining ability with the microclimatic conditions available in such perennial gardens helps its cultivation in utilizing such areas without exacting for an independent growing climate of its own. In any groves of tall growing palms where 40-50% sunlight penetration is possible, cocoa stands first to absorb such solar energy, remaining symbiotic to the main crop and generating additional income as well, besides helping the amelioration of the soil conditions making beneficial not only for its own growth but also for the benefit of the main crop under which it takes its shelter.

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Artisan Chocolates

These beautiful and mouth-watering chocolates which can make you irresistible. Available in BARS/ CUBES/ Bon-Bon. 100% Pure Cocoa Chocolates, No vegetable oils and fats. Vegan options available.

Chocolate Bites

Chocolate Fillings

Top chocolate quality fillings available. Contact us today for your quote.

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Choco Chips & much more

Choco chip used in cookies and biscuits also available. Many more cocoa products available, please contact us for full list of products and quote.

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