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Fresh Fruits

The diverse climate of India ensures the availability of a wide range of fresh fruits and vegetables. It is the world's second largest producer of fruits and vegetables, trailing only China. According to the National Horticulture Database (Second Advance Estimates) published by the National Horticulture Board, India produced 99.07 million metric tonnes of fruits and 191.77 million metric tonnes of vegetables during 2019-20. Fruit cultivation occupied 6.66 million hectares, while vegetable cultivation occupied 10.35 million hectares.

Though India's share of the global market is still less than 1%, the country's horticulture products are becoming more popular. This has happened as a result of concurrent developments in the areas of cutting-edge cold chain infrastructure and quality assurance measures.

-APEDA, India

Fresh Grapes

Grapes are grown extensively in India. Indian grapes are used by wine distillers all over the country and the world. All types of grapes are available with us. Black, Green, Red Grapes.
We are emerging grapes exporters in India who can provide the highest quality, medium-jumbo-sized fresh BLACK SEEDLESS grapes.

Fresh Grapes Exporters in India


India is one of the largest producers of pomegranate in the world. Pomegranate is produced throughout the year in India, with the trust worthy pomegranate exporters in India be assured to get best quality pomegranate. Contact us today.
Types of Pomegranate in India: Ganesh, Ruby, Arakta, Bhagwa.

Pomegranate Exporters in India

We deal in all types of fresh fruits in India

Grapes, Pomegranates, Mangoes, Bananas, Oranges account for larger portion of fruits exported from the country's fruit basket.
We can supply all fruits available in India, send us your requirements and we will gladly accept your request and make every effort to procure best quality fruits for you

Fruit export companies in india
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