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Chocolate Exporters in India

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Import chocolates from India

Chocolate exporter in India

Do You Want To Import Chocolates From India

Exports and imports have seen an upward trend in India since globalization has taken place. A country manufactures a product and further sells it to other country then that country selling the product is known as the exporter and the country who purchases the product is known as the importer.

Chocolates is one of the most exported and imported commodity all over the world. Chocolates is consumed around the world at a high rate. People get attracted to the packaging of the chocolates and the variants and flavours in which it is available. Europe is one the biggest exporter of chocolates due to the availability of large amount of cocoa. But India is also not too far. In 2019, before the pandemic India has exported around 138.98 USD million chocolates to the other countries. India is popular for Artisan chocolates.

What is an artisan chocolate?

Artisan chocolate is more like a onetime experience that you can experience. Artisan chocolate is an art made by the Indian artists. An artist is a person who is skilful and expert in crafts. Artisan chocolates are the chocolates made by the small chocolate makers known as the artists. Artisan chocolates are made under the care and supervision of a chocolate specialists.

The artisan's sources its cocoa beans from the selected plantations of India. Different types of chocolates are available such as white chocolate, dark chocolate, fresh fruit variant chocolates, dry fruit variant chocolates. With the cocoa picked up from the best organic farms of India and developing a wonderful chocolate, Indian chocolates have become luxurious and soulful just like a best flavoured wine.

There are lot of best exporters from where you can buy these artisans chocolates from India. One of the merchant houses known as the Morde industries Pvt. Ltd. provides such artisan chocolates at an affordable and fair price range. They provide the chocolates in different variants like the fruit variant, dry fruits, kishmish variant, fresh fruits etc.

Consuming chocolate in a moderate amount works as a stress buster, helps in maintain a healthy and glowing skin, aids in weight loss and also protects your heart. It has a lot of benefit when it is consumed in small quantity. Still, if you become addictive to chocolates then it can harm your health. Due to the impact on COVID 19, almost all the people across the globe have become health consciousness and a trend of healthy diet there going around in the market.

So, that’s why Morde industries Pvt. Ltd. also do offer healthy variants of chocolates. They offer diet chocolates and chocolates free of sugar with no gluten are also available. The chocolates that they provide are 100 % pure cocoa based cocoa butter chocolates. They consist of no vegetable oils and fats. The chocolates are also USDA certified Organic and Vegan options to these are also available.

We provide you quality product and chocolates at an affordable and fair price. If you are looking for the Indian artisans’ chocolates then you can definitely contact the export house Morde Industries Pvt. Ltd. situated in Mumbai who are expertise in these and We would offer you best artisan chocolates at a mind-boggling range.

Contact us today to order your chocolates. www.mordeindustries.com


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