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Merchant Exporters in India

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Reliable and Trusted Merchant Exporter in India

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Today, the advancement of technology and globalization has opened doors for many businesses to establish themselves on a global platform. Exports and imports are predominant in current market scenario. Export basically refers to the type of trade in which a good produced in one country is exported and sold to the other country. Exports provide ample number of opportunities and advantages to both the export merchants and the customers.

Who is a Merchant exporter?

Merchant is basically an intermediary person who function between the manufacturing firms and the customers. Merchant exporters are the person who look into the process of trading and marketing activities of export units. They function by purchasing the goods from the manufacturing units and then selling it to the immediate customers at a reasonable and affordable rate.

A merchant is equally important as the manufacturing exports as without him, the process would become really cumbersome. There are many Merchant Exporters in India who works towards buying of the products from the manufacturing units in its own country (India) and further involve in the process of selling them abroad.

A Merchant exporter can benefit in various ways

A merchant exporter is that thread which keeps the globalization process smooth and benefits both the manufactures and the customers. Some of the benefits are:

  • Documentation and Shipping Facilities

A merchant exporter takes care of all the documentation and the shipping procedure related to the exports of the products. This prevents you from the hassle of collecting the necessary documents, verifying them, then looking into shipping process etc.

  • Wisdom and knowledge of the merchant exporters

The merchant exporters possess great knowledge about international market. They truly know what product to purchase, at what rate and from which manufacturer. They keep a close watch on the market trends and gather market information. This in turn helps the businesses to get true insights about the market and export the product accordingly.

  • Samples available of foreign products

Merchant exporters also makes the availability of the samples of the foreign products which one can definitely look into and further decide whether they want to purchase the product or not.

  • Insurance facilities

A merchant exporter also provides you the insurance and shipping facilities. They have their own insurance and shipping department. They even can get you the insurance to the least reachable ports of India. They take all the responsibility of your product which is a great deal.

India is a hub of merchant exporters and you would get a lot of merchant exporters in India. There are ample number of merchant exporters who are looking to buy the products from the manufacturers and sell it globally.

One of the best merchant export houses of India is the Morde Industries Pvt. Ltd. situated in Mumbai. We are a product or commodity trading company which is involved in delivering the high-quality food items to customers across the globe.

We are licensed and regulated by FSSAI, APEDA, DGFT. Our company has a team of specialist in trade who is committed constantly to the work of providing customers best quality product at an affordable and fair price. You can consider this export house if you want to purchase quality products, you won’t get disappointed.

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