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Disposable Cups Supplier in India

Updated: Aug 20, 2022

Paper cups supplier and exporter in India

The very idea of plastic-free earth is a dream for millions around to globe to attain sustainable living. Every single step can be a revolution in the times to come. What matters is the choices that we make today to give our generations clean and green earth.

Paper Cups are traded all around the world. There are almost 8 countries and territories, which actively import Paper Cups from India. The Indian paper cups market reached a volume of about 7.9 billion units in 2020 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.87% between 2021 and 2026 to reach a volume of about 9.63 billion units by 2026. The Indian paper cups staggering growth can be attributed to a variety of factors, including increasing disposable incomes, convenience, recyclability, government regulations, and development in the food services industry, and an increase in the number of Indian exporters. Paper cups are commonly used around the globe for food and beverages, including tea, coffee, soft drinks, etc. The two primary types of paper cups include hot and cold. Cold cups generally consist of a waxy coating inside to prevent the paper from becoming damp and from absorbing the liquid. Although hot cups are almost the same as cold cups, the only difference is that hot cups are specifically built to withstand the heat which cold cups cannot withstand. At present, sanitation and hygiene are the main drivers of the increasing market for disposable paper cups. Moreover, given the growing environmental damage done by plastic and foam cups, global governments have introduced policies to promote the use of paper cups, thus, encouraging the market growth further.

We at Morde Industries are one of the biggest Indian exporters and traders of paper cups believe that the right products are delivered to our clients and we put the right foot forward in achieving a sustainable environment. We have a complete range of paper cups such as Ice-cream Cups, Coffee Cups, Ripple Texture, Food grade virgin paper, Recyclable and biodegradable, Customized printing, Leak-resistant paper lids for easy delivery, and takeaway of different sizes and quality. We supply Single wall / Double-wall, Colored Ripple cups in both PE/PLA Supplier Of Disposable Paper Cups. At our company, each one of us constantly seeks to grow our business at a global platform and for acquiring assets not only within the domestic markets but in international markets, as well. Our paper cups are environmentally friendly and are made using quality paper following various industry standards.

Our specialty lies in offering branded paper cups to our prestigious customers. With a spectacular portfolio that includes affordable paper cup products, we are a trusted company for many clients across the globe. At Morde, we supply paper with high GSM, thus delivering quality products. Everything from mini cups to big tubs can be procured from us. We follow high-quality standards and procure material made from superior grade raw material and advanced machines. Offered in custom designs, the range efficiently meets the functional requirements of clients in the hospitality and similar industries.

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