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Sourcing Agents in India

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Product Sourcing Agents in India

Sourcing Agents in India

Sourcing agents are companies or individuals who help foreign buyers in purchasing goods from reliable manufacturers or suppliers where agents have strong presence.

Morde Industries (P) Ltd. also works as a sourcing agent in India that helps foreign buyers in purchasing goods from reliable manufacturers or suppliers. Our approach is to help you find the appropriate manufacturer/supplier with whom you can do business easily and successfully so that your company can focus on its core business activities.  We are committed to helping our clients reduce costs, minimize risks, improve efficiency, accelerate growth, and enhance profitability by providing access to qualified manufacturers and suppliers around the globe with an extensive range of products.


Benefits of hiring a Sourcing Agent

  • Saving Time

Buyers are always hoping to find products quickly. Selecting satisfactory suppliers from thousands of suppliers is time-consuming and inefficient. Furthermore, buyers are unable to independently verify the qualifications of these suppliers. Some suppliers lack international trade experience, making it difficult for them to guarantee on-time delivery. When compared to sourcing on your own, finding a reliable sourcing agent can provide you with sound sourcing recommendations based on your needs. Sourcing agents are well-versed in the local market. They can sift through thousands of suppliers to find the right ones with a good reputation, ensuring a positive sourcing experience. As a result, you can save a lot of time and be more efficient when it comes to sourcing.

  • Reduce Risk

It's never been easier to find top-rated suppliers or manufacturers in low-cost regions thanks to the rise of B2B sites. Unfortunately, substandard or fraudulent suppliers continue to catch businesses off guard. Due diligence can be intimidating for those entering the procurement process for the first time. Top sourcing agents will perform extensive due diligence on your behalf, allowing you to reduce risks and source with confidence.

  • Saving Money

As you read about reducing risk, many buyers/importers prefer to fly down to their shipment's origin country to verify and stuff the container(s) in front of them. As a result, buyers incur travel, food, hotel, and other expenses in accordance with the length of their stay. Hiring a sourcing agent may be a more cost-effective option for you, allowing you to avoid the hassle of frequent travel.

  • Product Inspection

When sourcing on your own, it's difficult to every time fly around the world and visit a supplier/manufacturer's factory for a quality check. Hiring a sourcing agent will make your task easier by giving visits to factories and quality control checks on your behalf.

  • Product Consolidation

If you want to source products from multiple suppliers or manufacturers, hiring a sourcing agent can make things better. A sourcing agent can collect all of the products and take care of warehousing, international freight, and other services.

  • Language Barrier

India is considered to have more than 100 languages and more than 20 official languages. Although English is widely spoken all over India, but still there are communication issues due to English being non-native language. Hiring a sourcing agent will help buyers/importers in eliminating this communication problems with suppliers and manufactures.


Morde Industries (P) Ltd. is an established sourcing agent based in Mumbai, providing services to buyers from all over the world. We are committed towards helping our clients achieve their business goals by delivering high quality services and ensuring timely delivery of orders.

Contact us today for all your sourcing needs from India.


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