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How to import spices from India?
We are the solution for your question. We are spices exporters in India, who will help you buy spices from India.

India has very long history with spices. Grab your opportunity to do business in spices industry with us. 
Here is the list of spices that Indian exporters like us have to offer: 
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Turmeric / Kurkuma / Curcuma

Turmeric, a ground spice, has an earthy undertone. This spice has the most health benefits of any spice used in Indian cooking, as well as an amazing yellow color. Turmeric is an excellent anti-inflammatory, but its effectiveness is diminished in the absence of piperine from black pepper.

turmeric-Curcuma exporters in india

Black Pepper

It is worth mentioning that black pepper has a distinct sharpness that is unrivaled in the pepper world. Black pepper's heat is likely to be detected before that of any other spicy ingredient, and it offers a robust high flavor note that no other spice can hope to match.

black-pepper exporters in India

Cardamom and many more...

Cardamom tastes a lot like eucalyptus (and hence like many cough losanges) owing to a compound called cineole.  It's great fried in hot oil at the beginning of cooking an Indian dish.
We deal in a variety of other spices too; contact us today with your requirements.

spices exporters in india | Cardamom exporters in India
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